Maybe We Listen So Little

2:54 PM

Have you ever feel like, you try so hard on understanding others rather than yourself, but then you feel like they're not trying as hard as you do to understand you? Well, maybe this is all about.
Maybe we listen so little.

And talking too much. Too much about yourself, too much about other's behaviour, or too much about the world. It doesn't mean a bad thing but, the term of 'listen' sounds shallow than it should mean for people nowadays. Or maybe it always happens in society. When someone asks us if we are listening to others, we could say yes. But, do we really 'listen' to them? Only listening doesn't make us understand. Sometimes, they forget how to understanding others, or for the worst, the people near to them. Maybe we miss something really important when someone told us about something which could mean they need us to understand that something. I know that not everyone couldn't read between the lines. There are indeed some people that are blunt or some are stolid. Somehow I admire people that could be so blunt about themselves.

I often asking myself if my stolidity is wrong, but end up asking what is really wrong with society. When we failed to meet their expectations, or they failed to understand ourself, then it turned out to be a silent cause between each other. And the question that left hanging is, who's fail to understand? Not everyone born to be blunt and not everyone born to able read between the lines. I also often asking myself if I already listen - and understand - people near me, hoping that it may become my ability to read between their lines and see the real them.
Sometimes when I feel unease, I'd rather write something that make it easier to be understand by the others. These photos I took a quiet long time ago are inspired by this thought and sometimes, music is one of the only thing that can really  understand ourself.

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