A Coffee Journey

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I was really glad that I had a chance to visit the coffee plantation around Jember and Banyuwangi. It was really a tough journey (seriously, it was because of my thesis duty) but I enjoyed it A LOT. I started this research and took the photographs from around October 2014 until September 2015. As I type this story I still can't believe it really took a year. It was because I had to follow its process, from preparing the plantation, harvesting, until the process at the factory to produce the finest coffee beans.
These area are historically known to be the best production of Java Arabica and Java Robusta in Indonesia. I really love the weather and the atmosphere, Jember is cool but in Banyuwangi, Ijen Plateau precisely, is much colder. If you're about to visit Ijen mountain around May-September, you will see many trees with red cherry fruit which are actually the coffee trees and the plantation area. Also these are the harvest moon for the farmers, so you could pay a visit if you're interested in coffee harvesting.

This superb view at the factory

Sun-kissed beans

Look at these babies. It really smells good.

After being harvested, the coffee fruits are delivered to the mill to begin producing the coffee beans. I was surprised that the process is begin in the early morning. The workers have to stand by from 4.30 am (and they did tell me to stand by at 5 am if I want to photographed them) until about 4.30 pm, even on Sunday! I was like I do want to spend a Sunday at this place, chilling in the hotel with a mountain view but not working at the factory. But okay these are their job and they are really friendly and love to tell me about the detail of the process. The temperature was cool though the sun was already high so I didn't need to whining all the time when I photographed them. Besides I enjoyed the smell of the dried coffee beans and almost made me want to ate them.
When I visited a coffee research facility in Jember, they often served me their coffee product and it really taste gooood. I often bought some of their products (there are also chocolates) and brought them home so I could enjoy it in my own cup.

PTPN XII coffee plantation Kalisat, Jampit, Banyuwangi, Indonesia
Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI), Jember, Indonesia

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