How Much Do You Enjoy Your Coffee?

9:11 PM

This photos were taken during the photoshoot for my final thesis. How much do I enjoy drink this cup of caffein? Well, I could say that I enjoy it a lot to drink coffee during my relax, leisure time to the most hectic day that I need more caffein shots. But maybe I'm still in this 'coffee drinker' level. It means I still have not understand that much about coffee, although for my final thesis I took a project of designing encyclopedia about Java coffee. The truth is I do want to learn more about coffee and its making, so I decided to take this project.
It took much of efforts and pain - of course, but overall I really enjoyed the process. Started from the journey to the coffee plantation, did some researches at a coffee research institute and a company, also I often visited many local coffee shop from the cheap one to the one that providing the most delicious coffee. For the next post, I will show some photos of my journey to the coffee plantation.

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