A Better Coffee With The Best Companion

8:44 PM

Who doesn't love to grab some coffee in a place with good ambience and full of glass walls? You can sit by the window looking at the busy street or watching the raindrops flow in the window in a such chill afternoon.
These photos were taken at one of a coffee shop in Surabaya that I love its coffee and the interior. It's not too crowded so it suits me well because I don't really like to visit a coffee shop full of people where you can hear their loudest laugh. If you feel the same as me I recommend you to visit and try their manual brew coffee or the green tea latte if you're not into coffee. Or, you definitely should try the affogato for ice cream lovers like me. You can also enjoy your 'me time' here and sit at the corner of the room. And it's definitely one of the best place to chit chat with your best companion, whether its your squad, lover, family, or co-worker.
It was a rainy afternoon when I took these photos and it accordance to what I expected to get the chill afternoon mood.

Enjoy your day with your best companion!

Location: Calibre Coffee Roaster Surabaya

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