A Girl Who Chase Her Dream(s)

9:55 PM

I drew Lalisa or Lalice Manoban from Blackpink not just because I adore her as an idol, but somehow I feel like like she's so cool that she's able to pursue her dream overseas. She's still young and have to live outside her country, far away from her family to achieve what she aimed for. I must say it really inspires me a lot. When sometimes I feel like I want to give up, when my heart's trembling, I wish I could look up to something or someone that keep me think it is possible to achieve what I aimed for, that's why I should just give another hard work. Whenever I'm having bad times like this, whenever I feel like afraid to set a dream, I always wish I could still be stronger and stronger. I think a girl with passion, with so many dreams to achieve, could do something great.

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