Sunday Skate

8:34 AM

I'm pretty excited to play with this new toy! Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to play skateboard but I thought my parents won't let me do this. But I'm a grown up now, right? So yesterday on Sunday my friends and I went to the new Surabaya Bridge (Jembatan Surabaya) when we actually wanted to catch the sunrise but we were too late because of my stupidity (okay, there you have my apologies). We arrived at the bridge maybe around 6.45 am and you can see on these photos there were already so many people. Too bad we couldn't take a better picture. The bridge is great, I love its architecture and when you're on the top of the bridge you'll see the coastal of Surabaya in a great view, also the golden sparkling sunlight that reflects on the sea. I always enjoy this kind of view.
After we spent enough time to enjoy the sea breeze, we climbed down to the street and started to take some photos. I don't know why I got the feels of Brooklyn here though it's totally different lol, but it's a really great update for the face of Surabaya. Also, in the night there will be a lighting and fountain show but I heard it's only for the weekend and I'm quite curious about how it will be look like.

Have a great week!

Photos taken by @budipriyatna
Edited by me

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