Sendiki Beach, A Beach With A Big Swing

11:04 AM

Sendiki Beach (Pantai Sendiki) is one of my favourite beaches in South Malang. The beach is still quite and clean, plus there is a big swing and I think that makes it different from the other beaches in South Malang.

I took this trip few months ago with my friends from high school, without any special preparations (like we usually did). We were hangout together that night then we suddenly wanted to go to a beach that we hadn't visit yet, so we decided to go that late night. And guess what, we arrived at the village too early, sure the sky was still dark then we stopped by at a house to parked our car there. The funny part was when we were waiting while we sat in a hut, then we were too afraid to make a move after we heard a dog (or even a wolf?) barking and howling, so we just ran and hid in our car until the sun rose.

Finally at dawn, we decided to start make a move. After we asked for permission from the house owner to parked our car there, we headed to the beach by walking because it was impossible to drove the car to the beach at the moment. Anyway the house owner are so friendly and kind.
The road was still narrow that time and I don't know how about now. Because when I visited there, there were some road constructions at some point by local residents. They said that the road was aimed for the tourist track.

We walked far enough, about 40 minutes from the village, and the road was real steep. We had to walk through rice field and dense trees. After we heard sound of the waves, together we shouted "Ah, finally!", then we ran through the entrance road and stepped our feet on the sand.  The sky was still cloudy and the beach was a little foggy when we arrived, about 5.30 am. The water is real blue and a little greenish, the sand is creamy and clean, also the air is reaaaally fresh. We took a rest after we satisfied enough running around the beach until afternoon before we decided to go back to the village. When the sun was already high the air was really hot and the worst part was we lack of water and we still had to walk far enough. Trust me the heat really makes you want to crawl.

After we finally arrived at the village, we said goodbye to the house owner and headed off from the village as fast as we can so we could buy some water at the minimart.
An unplanned short trip is the best trip and it usually happens a lot with my friends. But don't forget to bring some water and snacks so the trip would still goes well ;)

A little foggy

Still got my short hair
The iconic big swing!

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